Increasing quality of life through the experience of grace, hope and acceptance in the counseling process. The more we can see ourselves as God sees us, the healthier and more resilient we will be during life’s challenges.


We are called to assist our clients in reaching a higher level of awareness and knowledge about the blessings found in God’s Word for their life. Next, we teach how to apply the practical principles found in Scripture to every financial situation. The result is a dramatic and lasting change that enables them to fulfill the Lord’s challenge to be a faithful steward of His blessings.

We are an interdenominational Christian ministry that exists to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of Tulsa’s hungry, homeless and at-risk. Located in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Mission provides food, shelter, clothing and restorative programs to those in need. Since its founding in 1952, the mission has served in excess of 4 million meals and provided over 1 million individual shelters to the homeless. John 3:16 Mission is Tulsa’s only Gospel Rescue Mission and is a member of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM). As such, it emphasizes the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to transform even the most broken lives for the better. To this end, the Mission strives through all its programs to emulate the compassion and love of Jesus so the lives of homeless and at-risk people can be dramatically changed.


Feeding the Spirit, Soul, & Body

We give food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, and speak the Gospel to everyone who enters our doors. Our guests are primarily the working poor, elderly, and disabled. While we temporarily satisfy people’s basic needs, our true purpose is to provide them with the permanent answer to their problems: Jesus Christ. People come to Loaves & Fishes for food, but leave nourished in their spirit, soul and body!
Turning Point Thrift Store is a division of the ministry, serving a two-fold purpose. It provides additional income, enabling us to assist more families; and it provides affordable clothing and household items to people in need. Donations are gratefully accepted! Give us a call at 918.234.8574.


We offer confidential, non-judgmental, free services. We can confirm someone is really pregnant and provide information a woman needs to make an informed decision. We do not perform abortions or arrange adoptions, and have no financial interest in a women’s choice, only caring, listening help with information on all options: abortion, adoption and parenting.


Porta Caeli House is a Christian hospice home for those who are unable to afford typical hospice care, and at no cost to the family. Their mission is to show Christ’s merciful love to guests and their families in a loving environment, enables dying with dignity, and helps to demonstrate within our community that dying is the natural conclusion of life on this earth, not something to be feared or avoided. 

The Bridge supports Porta Caeli throughout the year with needed items.


Taking the Good News of God’s Redeeming Love to the Incarcerated, We are Oklahoma’s largest prison ministry. With a passion for God and love for people, our mission is to evangelize and disciple 100,000 prisoners to become Christ-like, law-abiding citizens who will also reach others for Christ.


The Merchant is a building located in the Pearl District of Tulsa, dedicated to providing hospitality and healing in the name of Jesus for the poor and homeless. We are a partnership of individuals and ministries coming together for a common purpose. We believe that the Father’s nature is to love and care for the poor, and we long to reflect that. We also believe that the Gospel of Jesus alone has the power to transform people from the inside out, and to bring true wholeness and purpose.