Impact 2021: Intentional Life - a year where the Gospel is seen in everyday situations. We'll be focusing on four aspects through the year.

The Cross – where our freedom was purchased
The Resurrection – which established our identity

The Holy Spirit – that empowers us to live out our purpose
Our Faith – that guides us to make a difference in our world

Impact Wednesday Night

IMPACT Wednesday Night is about activating what you know and have learned off the pages of the Bible and into your everyday life, where you’ll see His power in action. Each month is planned to enrich the natural and the spiritual man. 

Everyday Life


"State of the World" Sept - Oct 20

Basim Ziara


"G.A.P. - Grassroots Apologetics for Parents" Oct 20 - Nov 10 "State of the World" continues through Oct 20

Jim & Marissa Robison



"Grassroots Apologetics for Parents" continues through Nov 10.

Jim & Marissa Robison



No classes this month.