Parent Q&A

This is a Q&A for all of our Bridge parents, grandparents, or anyone who works with kids or teens. Following up with our April Impact Wednesday series, we will be sitting down to address more specific questions about how we as Christians can respond to an anti-biblical Christian culture.


A “not Halloween” fun time for the youth group in celebration of the autumn season. Games, a cookout & hanging out with friends. (costume optional)

WIRED Pancake Sunday

The first Sunday of every month, our student ministry enjoys a time of connecting and building friendships while cooking (and devouring!) pancakes and bacon. It all happens at the 11am service in the WIRED student auditorium.

WIRED Olympics

The student ministry’s annual May Olympics happens every Wednesday evening this month, starting at 7pm. This is a time of fun, friendly competitions to help Jr Hi & High School students de-stress from their end of school studies.